19 Michigan State Troopers graduate from 141st Soldier Recruiting School

Nineteen Michigan State Troopers graduated from the 141st Soldier Recruiting School on Friday afternoon, according to Michigan State Police.

“I commend you on your admirable decision to serve in this noble profession and to continue contributing to our great state by joining the ranks of the Michigan State Police…” Governor Gretchen Whitmer said. “Public service is a vocation that comes with great responsibility. I recognize and appreciate the sacrifices our law enforcement officers make every day to keep us all safe in our homes and neighborhoods. »

Five graduates of the 141st Trooper Recruit School are assigned to MSP Cadillac Post. They include Privates Patrick McClure, Derek Reed, Michael Ruggles, Cole Vanderpool and Benjamin Weber.

Weber received the Team Building and Marksmanship awards while Ruggles received the Academic Excellence Award, according to Michigan State Police.

The 141st Soldier Recruiting School began Sunday, March 20 with 20 prospective Soldiers at the Michigan State Police Training Academy in Lansing. Recruits were trained in patrol techniques, report writing, ethics, cultural diversity and implicit biases, decision making, leadership, first aid, criminal law, dealing with crime scenes, firearms, water safety, defensive tactics and precision driving.

Including the 19 graduates, there are approximately 1,200 troops assigned statewide. According to the Michigan State Police, there are a total of 1,900 enlisted members.

“We are honored to welcome our 19 new soldiers and know they will continue our tradition of providing the best in public safety and community service,” said Col. Joe Gasper, Director of MSP. “This class was the first of its kind for the Michigan State Police, created specifically to attract licensed police officers as law enforcement across the country struggles to attract qualified applicants.”

The 142nd Trooper Recruit School is scheduled to begin on June 26, and recruits are expected to graduate on November 10.