At Michigan State, Brandon Jordan’s vision has never been clearer – The Athletic

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Brandon Jordan wasn’t sure what the future held for him seven years ago. A recently fired FCS assistant unable to find work after a two-year stint at Austin Peay, Jordan made a pivot at the time that changed the trajectory of his career. But first, there were dues that had to be paid.

Jordan spent his new time studying his craft. Really study. A former Division II offensive lineman, he already had the unique perspective of knowing what worked against him on the field. A self-proclaimed progressive learner, he expanded his knowledge by watching a film of the NFL’s best players, grasping their techniques and process. A landscaping job for a nearby residential complex paid the bills and kept the lights on, but it was Jordan’s job as a volunteer defensive line coach at a local Louisiana high school that kept him close to the sport as he waited for the next opportunity.

Turns out it was closer than he thought.

Jordan put what he had learned to the test. He began individualized training with high school and college level rushers. Jordan discovered a knack for breaking technique down to its core, simplifying things until it was muscle memory. He came up with exercises that set him apart, and Twitter and Instagram became the focus of his videos, using social media to showcase his work. Every like and retweet helped grow her brand and increase her status, so much so that she became an enduring company – Brandon Jordan Trench Performance. That’s how NFL defensive tackle Damon “Snacks” Harrison found it.

The news travels quickly in the pass-rushing community. Harrison being on board paved the way for an expanded NFL following. Gerald McCoy. Chandler Jones. Von Miller. Cam Heyward. Max Crosby. TJ Watt. They all looked for Jordan. Just like Mel Tucker.