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ALPENA, Mich. (AP) – Police found the body of a woman in a wooded area near Alpena, the second suspicious death in recent weeks.

Residents of the northern Michigan community said they were not used to it.

“I think here we tend to think that we are in this safe little bubble. And maybe that’s a bit of a reality check, too, ”Taylor Allen told WPBN-TV. “But all together as a small community it really stinks, it hurts.”

The body of Abby Hill, 31, was found in Alpena Township on Friday. She was friends on Facebook with Brynn Bills, who disappeared in August shortly before his 18th birthday. His body was buried in a house in Alpena when it was discovered in September.

State Police said Hill was killed. An autopsy was scheduled for Monday. Bills’ death is considered suspicious, but has yet to be declared a homicide.

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“There’s not really a hassle walking around, not around Alpena,” resident Mason Rouleau said. “It’s no longer just the people you associate with that you need to care about. “

Hill had been missing since early October. She was wanted for unlawful imprisonment and illegal possession of a firearm, The Alpena News reported.

Two men accused of her are in jail in Alpena and Presque Isle counties, one of whom owned the property where Bills’ body was found. No one has been charged in Bills’ death.

This story has been corrected to show that the two men are not imprisoned in Alpena County; one of the men is imprisoned in Presque Isle County.

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