Community Pet Center of Northern Michigan Hosts Fundraiser for Dog Trainer’s Family

Friends and family at the Northern Michigan Community Pet Center are doing all they can to help one of their own.

After losing her husband Rick to a long battle with cancer on Thursday, trainer Kathy McCarthy’s pet community was by her side.

“There are a lot of bills that have piled up due to cancer, so she was delighted when we spoke to her – she couldn’t hold back the tears, saying how grateful she was that we were going to be able to help with some case way,” says her sister, Patti Goudey.

Fundraising efforts on Saturday drew people in for everything from grooming services to giveaway raffles to kitten adoptions.

All proceeds from everything will go to McCarthy.

“We just keep doing it to make sure Kathy is taken care of,” says Kelly Lemcool, owner of the Northern Michigan Community Pet Center. “Our building is a family unto itself, we all spend a lot of time here throughout the day so we have gotten to know each other well”

McCarthy made a name for himself running Peaceful Paws Dog Training within the facility.

“She’s a wonderful dog trainer, she’s also a veteran, as well as her husband Rick, and they’ve given so much to our community,” says Lemcool.

McCarthy and her husband both served in the US Navy, Rick for 16 years and Kathy for four years.

Goudey says they are a proud family, never asking for anything.

“She’s not one to ask for help, so we really want to express our sincere to her, to know that not only her family is behind her, but the whole community here,” says Goudey.

The Northern Michigan Community Pet Center continues to receive monetary donations through the mail or in the form of cans so their pop can go through next weekend.

You can visit their website here.