Cruise ships will return to Muskegon after canceled seasons | Michigan News

MUSKEGON, Mich. (AP) — Cruise ships will visit Muskegon again this summer, after port calls were canceled for two years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Seventeen shutdowns are planned for this summer, and more could be planned in the coming years, the Muskegon Chronicle reported.

“It’s going to be a very, very busy summer,” Muskegon County Community Development Manager Robert Lukens said. “We can not wait to be there.”

Muskegon is located in western Michigan and has a port on Lake Muskegon, off Lake Michigan. It had busy cruise ship seasons scheduled before COVID-19 plans were canceled. In 2020, 35 stops were planned and 25 stops were planned in 2021.

The cancellations have impacted Muskegon County, where tourism is a more than $300 million industry, according to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

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The first cruise ship of this season is scheduled to stop on June 7, Lukens said. The Pearl Mist, a six-deck, 210-passenger ship, is scheduled to make 10 calls this summer. He will spend the night in port on five stopovers.

Among the other ships scheduled to call at the port of Heritage Landing on Lake Muskegon is one operated by French company Ponant Cruises, Lukens said. The ship was just built last year.

Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce President Cindy Larsen said many cruise ship passengers had never seen the Great Lakes before and were amazed at the beauty of Lake Michigan. She said Muskegon is becoming a popular stopover due to facilities such as fine arts, museums, breweries and natural resources all located close to each other and the port.

“Once people start seeing what we have here, it’s like ‘Wow,'” Larsen said.

“Once people start seeing what we have here, it’s like ‘Wow,'” Larsen told MLive.

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