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Southfield (CW50) – Lauren Roumayah grew up in a house full of cooking and baking. Constantly surrounded by food and desserts, baking has become her passion. After attending high school, she went to college closer to town. Finding a love for food all over Detroit, she began infusing flavors of Detroit into her baking, using her classmates as taste testers.

She founded the Detroit Cookie Company to bring original cookie flavors to the people of Detroit and continues to grow the business every year. The continued expansion of the business has led to the opening of a site in Ann Arbor, as well as a manufacturing facility where all products can be made in a much larger frame than in the store kitchen.

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More growth equals more jobs, and Roumayah is more than happy to help bring those jobs to Michigan. When she started the Detroit Cookie Company, she wanted to give as much as possible to the community. She didn’t expect the community to give back to her and the company as much as she was willing to give, but to her surprise, the support and love for Detroit Cookie Company continues to grow and Roumayah. knows that the jobs she creates within her company help others grow in their careers and in life.

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Community Connect host Lisa Germani, with Lauren Roumayah, owner of Detroit Cookie Company

Lauren Roumayah, Founder of Detroit Cookie Company, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about how the business is growing and what the future holds.

Roumayah also shared the story of one of his employees moving up through the corporate ranks, showing how willing the company’s employees are to work hard to see Detroit Cookie Company succeed and grow.

Learn more about Detroit Cookie Co. at

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