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GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan (AP) – A western Michigan company is producing a documentary that will focus on the civil rights struggle in Grand Rapids.

The documentary is based on the book “A City Within a City: The Black Freedom Struggle in Grand Rapids, Michigan” and is in final stages of production, WXMI-TV reported Wednesday.

Its release is scheduled for August.

“There is so much when you document a community that has not been documented,” filmmaker Victor Williams told the TV station.

Williams, Jazmyne Fuentes and Rodney Brown formed the film production company Grand Stand Pictures in 2018.

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The documentary “gives a lot of information about many games that have been played here in the city for a very long time,” said Fuentes.

“There’s kind of a facade of a progressive, very open-minded community, but then there’s a lot of roadblocks being thrown at the same time,” she told WXMI-TV.

The book was written in 2012 by Todd Robinson and examines issues related to inclusive education and bureaucratic reforms.

Grand Stand Pictures says the book articulates the experience of black people in the city, but the documentary allows more people to understand and learn how it impacts their lives today.

The company partnered with Robinson, interviewed residents and held community meetings.

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