Governor Rick Snyder discusses Michigan economy at town hall in Chelsea

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder was in Chelsea on Tuesday night, holding his first town hall since beating his four opponents in the GOP primary two weeks ago.

Rick snyder

The Ann Arbor businessman stood in front of a crowd of around 150 people crammed into the Chelsea rail depot, where he repeated the same message he delivered throughout the primary on the need to reinvent the state.

“Fixing Michigan is not good enough,” he said. “We need to grow our economy. This is how you get success; you get the economy going again.

During the main campaign, Snyder held more than 50 town hall meetings, including one in Jackson in May. He plans to continue the series of meetings until election day.

Grass Lake’s Rick Keith said he still didn’t know who he would vote for in November, but said Snyder’s speech and answers to questions from a dozen spectators were better than he expected .

Keith said he’s always been bothered by those who run for office and think tax cuts are the solution to everything.

“He’s been about innovation from the start, and for that I applaud him,” Keith said. “Tax problems are mathematical problems. I’m not looking for a politician, I want a mathematician. In some ways it fits this bill.

Gretchen Garry of Williamston has said she is a registered Democrat and plans to vote for Snyder. She said she decided to vote for him after reading his 10 point plan online.

“He has a clear and concise plan,” she said. “He’s not like everyone who comes out and screams.”

Snyder’s plan includes eliminating the Michigan business tax and replacing it with a fixed 6% corporate income tax. He also proposes to mend Michigan’s broken government by replacing bureaucracy with a “customer service government” and creating an environment that will keep young people in the state.

Snyder is the former president of computer maker Gateway Inc. He left the company in 1997 and went on to help found Ann Arbor SPARK, an economic development organization. He was also the first president of Michigan Economic Development Corp.

He will face Lansing’s Democratic candidate and mayor Virg Bernero in the general election on November 2.