Harper Woods (Mich.) 2024 athlete Jacob Oden to visit Michigan on Saturday

2024 Harper Woods (Mich.) Athlete Jacob Oden will make a quick trip to East Lansing on Saturday to visit Michigan State in their game against Maryland.

Oden has turned out to be one of the top 2024 prospects nationwide, already surpassing 15 bids and is only in his second season.

Oden offers deals like Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Arkansas, and the State of Michigan, among others.

So far this season, Oden has visited Ohio State, Michigan, Louisville and Toledo for games.

“For me, right now, I’m still young and just going through the process. I have the same interest in all schools right now and I appreciate all of them,” Oden said.

While Oden is still too young to have direct conversations with coaches at this time, he has a relationship with Michigan State High School and Community Relations Director Thomas Wilcher and has spoken to Coach Harlon Barnett.

“I talk to Coach Wilcher and Coach Barnett when I see them. I’ve known Coach Wilcher for a long time since he coached at Cass Tech and he’s a great guy.”

Oden also has a fairly strong relationship with former Michigan State wide receiver and defensive back Tony Lippett, which dates back to when his father coached Lippett in high school.

“I talk to Tony all the time,” Oden said. “Seeing Tony succeed and be successful at the college level motivated me to do it and be like him.”

Oden plans to run on the track this spring and stay in the weight room this winter.

At the moment, Oden is not ranked in testing services because no one is, with class 2024 having completed their second tapes, the rankings will start coming out this spring.

With such an impressive list of offers as Oden’s, it should at least be four stars when that ranking is finally released.

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