How’s Michigan’s economy doing? Check out Bridge’s new economy dashboard.

Bridge Michigan launched a new tool this week to help readers track this data and more: the Michigan Economic Dashboard, which can be found on our Business Watch topic page.


It was created by Paula Gardner, Business Writer, and Mike Wilkinson, Data Journalist, to track many important elements of our changing economy.

The dashboard can help answer questions like: Are more Michigan residents back to work? Are they making more money? Are home values ​​going up or down? Is Michigan keeping pace with the nation and other neighboring states?

The scorecard may also raise questions that we hope to answer in our reports over the coming year. Why, for example, is Indiana’s unemployment rate so much lower than Michigan’s?

We will update the tracker as new information comes in. We can add a snapshot of a slice of the economy. We will begin looking at the performance of Michigan public companies. The dashboard will pull data from state and other sources, such as the Federal Reserve, and will be updated as new data arrives.

Please check it out, let us know what we’re missing, what can be improved, and what more you want. We look forward to getting your feedback. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] with your thoughts and questions.