MDHHS calls on Michigan community to wear masks through initiative

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) – The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is launching an initiative to not only get Michiganders to wear masks, but to “mask themselves well.”

“The science is now settled: masks protect others from COVID – and they protect the wearer,” said Robert Gordon, director of the MDHHS. “It’s important to wear the right mask and wear it the right way. We want all Michiganders to mask themselves, mask themselves properly as we continue to fight the virus in our state. “

The right to mask includes the wearing of one of the three mask options offering enhanced protection:

  • three-layer washable fabric face covers
  • disposable medical grade masks
  • approved KN95 masks

This also includes wearing the approved mask correctly and keeping it on the nose and face and snug with no gaps.

The CDC recommended the use of masks to protect the community by reducing emission of the virus and to protect the wearer by reducing inhalation. The CDC cites a number of studies showing that the masks have been effective. For example, one study showed that the use of masks aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt was associated with a 70% reduction in the risk of COVID; another showed that, in a contact tracing survey, those who reported wearing masks had a 70% lower risk of infection than those who did not. Research published by Beaumont Hospital in southeast Michigan also showed that wearing the mask was associated with lower levels of COVID infection and, among those infected, lower symptom levels.

MDHHS mask initiative(MDHHS)

Bandanas, gaiters and face shields without a mask do not provide sufficient protection for the wearer or others and are not recommended.

“The delivery of the first COVID-19 vaccines to Michigan means there will be an end to this pandemic,” said Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, medical director and chief health assistant. “However, it will be several months before we can have enough vaccine to distribute it widely to all Michiganders. By then, and even for the people who are getting the vaccine, we should all be doing our part to slow the spread of the disease. this virus by properly wearing masks, avoiding large gatherings and washing your hands. ”

Residents who need masks can purchase one from partner sites across the state, which include most local MDHHS offices and community action agencies.

To find a mask distribution site, click here.

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