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Environment-Michigan City clears way for teens on the US border

ALMA, Mich. (AP) – Officials in the middleMichigan city ​​have acceded to a request for accommodation of migrant boys in a former retirement home. Alma City Commission rejected the recommendation of Planning Commission. It was a hot topic and the subject of tense summer meetings. Christian services in Bethany wishes to use a former retirement home to provide accommodation for up to 40 days or until a sponsor is found. The boys are between 12 and 17 years old. They crossed the we border without parents or guardians and have no legal status in this country. Alma is 50 miles north of Lansing and probably best known as the home of a small liberal arts school, Alma College.


Human jaw, possibly “old”, found in Michigan Lake

HART, Mich. (AP) – A human jawbone with more than a dozen teeth has been discovered in Silver Lake in northern Michigan Lower peninsula. Oceana County Sheriff Craig mast says the bone looks very old, maybe “even old”. The jaw was found on Sunday when someone stepped on it while removing a dock from Silver Lake. It was sent to anthropologists at University of Michigan for analysis. No other bones were found. The county has a few missing persons cases. But the sheriff said the jaw age probably doesn’t match those inquiries.


Wayne State and teachers’ union agree on new 3-year contract

DETROIT (AP) – Wayne State University in Detroit and a faculty union reached agreement on a new three-year contract. The university said Wednesday that members of the Wayne State chapter of the American Association of University Teachers-American Federation of Teachers (AAUP-AFT Local 6075) will receive a 2% flat rate salary increase in the first year of the agreement. They will receive an additional 4.25% increase in their base salary over the last two years of the contract. The school says the contract must be ratified by union members.


Ex-Detroit Police chief enters race for governor amid protests

DETROIT (AP) – Former Detroit Police Chief James craig officially announced his campaign for governor, but not before protesters derailed his launch event at a state park and forced him to move. It is one of the 10 Republicans, all new to politics, seeking to overthrow the Democratic government. Gretchen whitmer in 2022. Craig was to address the media at Belle Isle in full Detroit River in his hometown, but he abandoned the plan when it was shouted out by a few dozen people criticizing his role as leader. He made the announcement soon after at a nearby office complex.


Judge Revokes State Legislator’s Bail In Drunk Driving Case

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Rep. Jewell Jones was taken into custody after a judge revoked his bail in a drinking and driving case. Prosecutors charged the Ink pad Democrat violating bail conditions by tampering with an alcohol monitor on his ankle. Jones, 26, has been in and out of Livingston County court since April when he was charged with impaired driving and other offenses. In court on Tuesday, Jones took responsibility for testing positive for alcohol on September 3 and tampering with the switched on monitor Labor Day. Judge Michael Hatty has scheduled another hearing for Friday.


Ford Sending in progress $ 500 checks to be evacuated Flat rock households

PLAT ROCK, Mich. (AP) – Ford Motor Co. says he will send $ 500 checks to every household that has been evacuated from a southeast Michigan town due to a gasoline leak from the automaker’s plant into the community‘s sewer system. Detroit News reports that the checks would total $ 600,000 for 1,200 displaced households. The escape of Ford assembly plant in Flat rock was first detected on August 30 and seemed to have started at the earliest 26 august. That’s what Bob holycrossFord’s vice president of sustainability, environment and safety engineering, said Tuesday at a press conference. ,He says Ford believes the 1,400 gallons of gasoline leaked during this time


FBI has tow files, more docs in Detroit City Hall raid

DETROIT (AP) – Federal investigators who searched Detroit City Hall last month took away electronic devices, payroll documents and records related to vehicle towing. Detroit News said the items were on an inventory of search warrants obtained through a request for public documents. The search focused on an office belonging to a member of the council Scott benson. Agents wanted Town hall to 25 august as well as the homes of Benson and council member Janeé Ayers. Benson’s lawyer, Steve fishman, said he didn’t do anything wrong. Ayers did not comment. City council is considering changing the way the city hires towing companies by turning to competitive offers.


Whitmer: use $ 1.4 billion expand access to health care, build facilities

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Gouv. Gretchen whitmer offered to spend $ 1.4 billion in federal pandemic funding to expand health care and infrastructure, including strengthening access to mental health services, replacing state mental hospitals, and building a new public health laboratory. The proposal, if approved by the Republican-led legislature, would represent more than a fifth of $ 6.5 billion in discretionary rescue funds approved by Congress and president Joe biden. Whitmer wants $ 335 million in grants to improve access to treatment for autism, behavioral health and addiction.


Pizza entrepreneur jailed for loan fraud fraud

TOWNSHIP OF MACOMB, Michigan. (AP) – One Detroit-The neighborhood pizzeria was sentenced to more than two years in prison. Mike bischoff admits to having committed fraud by searching for more than $ 900,000 in government guaranteed loans during the coronavirus pandemic. Bischoff is the co-founder of Passport Pizza. Bischoff was accused of having received $ 594,000 lenders after giving false information about its payroll and the number of employees. Defence lawyer Jacques Thomas admitted that Bischoff had “cheated” during a stressful time for his business and in his personal life. He says the money has been refunded.


Highway in Indiana, Michigan reopens after a chemical spill

FREMONT, Ind. (AP) РA highway in the northeast Indiana and from the south Michigan reopened after a chemical leak forced it to close. Steuben County Emergency Management rector Randy Brun recount WANE-TV that a tanker lost approximately 6,000 gallons (22,712 liters) of liquid nitric acid after a valve broke at a truck stop in Fr̩mont, Indiana. Highway 69 in both states was closed approximately 10 a.m. on Tuesday and reopened Tuesday afternoon. Brown said the chemical had spilled into a ditch along the highway. Lime was applied to the liquid in the ditch. Some nearby secondary roads have also been closed.

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