Michigan Community Colleges is improving the way employers can post jobs and reach their job-ready students and alumni, FREE!

The new website (https://CollegeCentral.com/miccjobs) allows every employer – large, small, public or private – to register once and then post an unlimited number of jobs at from michigan community college students and graduates! This extremely helpful resource for employers simplifies hiring in the current climate, even with temporarily closed or restricted campuses, and students learning from home.

Today, published job offers can simultaneously reach tens of thousands of job seekers Delta College, Jackson College, Kellogg Community College, Lake Michigan College, Monroe County Community CollegeMott Community College, Oakland Community College, craft collegeand Wayne County Community College district.

According to Joy MillerCCN’s Career Services Central® National Sales Manager, “Employers need to quickly target job openings in a timely manner in response to ever-changing COVID-19 conditions. The Consortium is being launched as employers seek to hire students and alumni who are ready and able to jump in to meet the specific hiring environment of their state, region, or region, now. from michigan Community colleges are uniquely positioned to help their state’s economy rebound quickly and to quickly meet the state’s hiring needs in this era of rapid economic and technological change. »

“Many employers advertise jobs at the nearest community colleges,” Miller added. “But now, with the Consortium, employers can easily expand their reach. By posting just once, they can go statewide or target a specific combination of regions. Michigan community colleges.”

SCC’s Career Services Central® is the exclusive online career management platform for career centers at all Consortium participating schools. Miller summarizes the situation: “Community colleges can have a big impact on the state’s economy. As many barriers as possible have been removed, simplifying the process so employers can easily recruit entry-level talent from across the country. The State’s Michigan Community College Jobs Consortium website does just that, especially in light of the added current complications of closed campuses and remote learning.”

“Our state’s community colleges provide great value and contribute directly to from michigan economic growth,” said Donna DuHame-SchmidtDirector of Career Services and Cooperative Education, Oakland Community College.

JoAnne Stadnicarstudent employment specialist, craft college added, “The combined undergraduate reach of our Consortium is enormous, providing employers across our state with a diverse mix of highly skilled and motivated students to enter our workforce directly!”

“Our college recently transitioned from a four-year college-centric career platform to CSC. We expect membership in the Consortium to drive enrollment from our employers and provide more and better-suited employment opportunities for our students and alumni,” said Jason PremoDirector of Admissions and Career Development, Delta College. Premo added, “We are excited to expand our employer reach statewide and increase employer awareness of talented students and adults who have learned new skills that Delta College it’s training.”

Barry KinseyDirector of Workforce Development at Monroe County Community College Explain, “from michigan taxpayers have invested in our community college system. And the result is a clear path for employers across our state to see a return on that investment. The Consortium provides employers across our state with direct access to new talent from our combined colleges. »

“Recruiters love the ease of posting once to reach all community college talent from Michigan Consortium members. Our graduates have the skills, and they are ready and willing to go straight into our local workforce now. Our colleges train students in our state to meet from michigan specific needs, and our graduates are the ones today’s employers are looking to hire,” said fox martinDistrict Director, Adult Education, Wayne County Community College district. “It’s a perfect fit!”

Patrick CaseyDirector, Career and Employment Services at Kellogg Community College shared his thoughts, “I can’t stress enough the time and effort saved by signing up once and being able to post unlimited opportunities statewide.”

Like Heather MarshallCoordinator of Workplace Learning and Career Services at Jackson College adds, “I’m pleased to say that the new Michigan Community Colleges Jobs Consortium is providing employers with a free option and a direct path to career and talent centers. of our combined community colleges.”

According to Aron GericsEmployment Services Coordinator, Mott Community College, “Collectively, our responsibility is to prepare our students to join the workforce or start a career. This consortium proved to be the best launching pad for from michigan employers to find their next hires!”

“Employers who post to the Consortium are specifically looking to hire students and graduates who want to work in Michigan,” mentioned Ken FlowersPh.D., Dean, Career and Workforce Education at Lake Michigan College. “It’s important to note that our community college graduates almost always accept in-state job offers. That makes them a win-win workforce.”

Statistics show that approximately 180,000 students attend Michigan community colleges.*

* “Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System”, National Center for Education Statistics, accessed July 1, 2020https://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/use-the-data.

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