Michigan Community Rescues Fallen and “Sometimes Crawling” Woman in Winter Storm

It took a village to rescue a woman facing dangerous weather conditions after she got stuck in the snow in a rural area near Lansing.

The 42-year-old Mulliken woman stuck her vehicle in a snowdrift at 6:44 a.m. Tuesday as she headed west on the Saginaw Freeway near Fees Road in Oneida Township, according to the sheriff’s office from Eaton County.

She couldn’t get a phone signal, so she got out of her car and started walking. But it was snowing, the wind chill was below zero and she was not dressed for the weather. She eventually got cell service and called 911.

“She described being very cold, falling in the snow and sometimes crawling,” according to a press release from the Sheriff’s Office. “She had been there for almost two hours… without having received a phone signal to make a call to 911, she might not have succeeded.”

The police encouraged her to keep moving forward and sent a patrol car to retrieve her.

But the officers soon found out that they couldn’t take the roads to save the woman. A Michigan State Police soldier spotted a resident plowing the roads who was ready to help.

Meanwhile, a sheriff’s deputy enlisted the help of a Lawnscapes Lawn Care plow operator working in the area who was ready to help and began plowing in another area nearby. The Eaton County Road Commission was in the area and also started plowing.

Grand Ledge Fire and EMS also responded to help with the research.

The motorist was eventually located on Saginaw Highway, about a tenth of a mile east of Benton Road. Police put her in the back of a patrol car, where she described having trouble feeling her extremities. Grand Ledge EMS took her to hospital, where she was treated for the early stages of frostbite.

“The combined efforts between the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office, Michigan State Police, Grand Ledge Fire and EMS, Eaton County Central Dispatch, the Eaton County Road Commission, as well as some civilian heroes, have successfully rescued someone who really needed immediate help, ”police said.

Residents were delighted to hear about the rescue, with one person on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page calling it a “brilliant story of kindness and sheer determination on so many levels.”

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