Michigan Community Service Commission receives $ 2.2 million for COVID-19 response and recovery volunteerism

LANSING, Mich. (Press Release) – The Michigan Community Service Commission (MCSC) announced Wednesday that it will receive $ 2,222,811 over three years from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) to support volunteerism in Michigan. The funding will support organizations in their response to COVID-19 by identifying resources and collaborating regionally to address pressing needs.

The CNCS, the federal agency responsible for AmeriCorps and other national service programs, will provide the funds through the Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF) to expand volunteering across the country. This is the largest VGF award Michigan has ever received.

“This significant funding is essential for Michigan’s recovery,” said Robert Kolt, president of the MCSC. “In a crisis, people want to help. Safe coordination of volunteers takes time and money, and this federal funding will help support efforts in our communities. Effective volunteer efforts don’t start and end overnight, this multi-year federal funding commitment is critical to tackling the virus. ”

MCSC, the state‘s lead agency for volunteering, will use the funding to strengthen the infrastructure and capacity of nonprofits, businesses and state government to use best practices that lead to increased the number of Michigan volunteers statewide.

The project will use innovative technological systems to support skills-based volunteering, virtual volunteering and employee and youth engagement to have a meaningful impact. Technology systems will capture data to make informed decisions and serve as a catalyst for inspiration and recognition.

Virtual and skills-based volunteering are not new concepts, but the pandemic is forcing change at greater speed, ”said Ginna Holmes, Executive Director of the MCSC. Communities and regions across the state are seeking integrated approaches to improve resilience in the nonprofit sector.

Information about this epidemic is changing rapidly. The latest information is available at Michigan.gov/Coronavirus and CDC.gov/Coronavirus.

Background – The Michigan Community Service Commission (MCSC) uses the service as a strategy to solve the state’s most pressing problems and empowers volunteers to strengthen communities. In 2019-2020, the MCSC is mobilizing more than $ 21 million in federal funds for local communities for volunteer programs and activities. AmeriCorps of Michigan, Volunteer Michigan, and Mentor Michigan are also leading programs of the MCSC. Visit www.michigan.gov/volunteer for more information.

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