Michigan fan sets himself on fire while sitting on burning couch

A Michigan state football fan was set on fire after sitting on a burning sofa during a celebration of his team’s victory over rivals Michigan.

Fans began setting sofas on fire on the streets of East Lansing after the Spartans beat rivals Wolverines 37-33 on Saturday.

But one fan appears to have managed to escape after his clothes caught fire while sitting on a burning sofa in the middle of the street.

A video shared by the @AyeThatsLee account was uploaded to social media site Twitter which showed the fire spreading across the Michigan state fan’s clothing before other Spartan supporters stepped in to save him .

Seconds after the clip started, a group of three people pulled the fan up, attempted to smother the flames, and threw the supporter to the ground where they continued to put out the fire.

As the camera zoomed in on the fan’s face, it looked like he was mocking the situation and actually smiling.

Other footage showed people standing around burning sofas, filming them or posing next to burning furniture.

Another video uploaded by State news reporter Drew Gotetzka showed Michigan fans kicking an overturned car.

A man from the crowd was then seen attempting to stop one of the fans who continued to kick the vehicle as he pulled away.

According to Detroit News, firefighters arrived to witness the fires at the Cedar Village apartments near Bogue and East Grand Village Street, near student and residential residences.

The outlet added that as of 8:20 p.m. there had been no new fires in areas where firefighters had witnessed the blazes.

19-year-old Jaquan Kincaid recounted Detroit News that the result probably had no effect on whether the fires started or not.

He said, “Just college kids having fun.”

East Lansing Mayor Jessy Gregg shared his thoughts on vandalism after Michigan State won.

In a Facebook post shared earlier today, she said: “It’s tempting to think of arson and vandalism as good humor, but last night I witnessed a soaked couch kerosene on fire two feet from a line of parked cars, and another fully started the fire directly under a power line, with flames high enough that the integrity of the wires was of concern. two fires for which I was at the scene.

“And obviously the overturning of the car is unacceptable. I have yet to hear if there were any alcohol-related deaths last night, but there have been numerous calls for medical assistance for unresponsive and incapable people. We have alcohol poisoning deaths most years, sometimes even incoming students who do not make it through welcome week. “

She added: “I hope we can use our outrage to fuel real change. I refuse to sit idly by while a dedicated group of bad actors distract from the good work being done by the rest of the MSU community. “

Days before the game, the East Lansing Police Department shared a Facebook post telling people not to start a fire.

The message, shared on Wednesday, read: “Setting the community on fire is dangerous and places an unnecessary burden on critical emergency services in the city.

“Anyone caught starting a fire could face arson charges and / or other charges. If community members see someone starting a fire, they should call 911. “

News week contacted the East Lansing Police Department and the East Lansing Fire Department for comment.

Firefighters were called in to burn down East Lansing. Image bank.
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