Michigan State Football and Basketball Alumni Support Alan Haller for AD

The search for the next Michigan state athletic director is in its infancy, but a potential candidate is garnering a lot of support.

A group of nearly 30 football program alumni posted a 45-minute video testimony to YouTube on Monday backing Alan Haller, a native of Lansing, a former Spartan and NFL player who is currently MSU’s deputy athletic director.

“I am often asked to place leaders in key positions in the organization, and I look at the acronym RIPS,” said Steve Trecha, who played at MSU in the 1970s and taught chain management. value and business transformation at school. “Relevant – is the individual relevant? Alan absolutely is. In this time of need at Michigan State, we need someone who is not only relevant, but who can bring relevance and empower the university in that way. I, intentionally, take a look at his career. He was intentional not only in what he accomplished, but also in the level to which he reached. … P, positive. In order to effectively persuade and move forward with meaningful transformational change, a positive attitude is absolutely necessary. And Alan holds that. And finally S is success. Alan is a successful person. He brings success to those around him, he brings success to those for whom he has worked.

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“Our organization needs success for our students, for our alumni and faculty, for our community, for our fan base. And most importantly, and just as important, the university itself. I strongly support Alan for the position of athletic director at Michigan State University.

Outgoing sports director Bill Beekman resigned Thursday, although he will remain in the post on an interim basis as the university undertakes a nationwide search for the 20th athletic director in school history.

Former MSU basketball star Shawn Respert also expressed his support on Twitter late last week for Haller, who was a finalist for Central Michigan athletic director last fall. Respert, who has worked in player development and as an assistant coach in the NBA, pointed out that George Perles, Ron Mason and Mark Hollis had all “had an education and influence in the sports department prior to their career. access their main role ”as MSU sports director.

“You don’t have to look beyond campus,” Respert wrote. “Alan Haller has gone through it, talked about it and deserves the opportunity to lead the sports department.”

Haller, 50, graduated from Lansing Sexton and played football for George Perles from 1988 to 1991, then in the NFL from 1992 to 1995. He has been in the sports department at MSU since 2010 and assumed his current role as Beekman’s second in command in 2019.

Prior to that, Haller – who has a criminal justice degree from the central Michigan school and master’s degree in human resources – worked in the MSU Police Department for 13 years, rising to the rank of lieutenant. He also played a central role in the last two Spartans football coach search committees, which produced Mark Dantonio in late 2006 and Mel Tucker in early 2020.

Haller joined the department as Associate Athletic Director, then was promoted to Senior Associate Athletic Director in 2015 and added the Chief of Staff to his title in 2017. He also helped integrate the Spartans’ Varsity ‘S’ Club of the control from athletics department to athletics department.

In December, Haller revealed the plans and initial plans to sports department staff showing potential significant facility upgrades that could change the center of the campus and cost tens of millions of dollars if they go as planned.

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“It wasn’t that long ago that we almost lost Alan Haller,” said former MSU defensive back Robert Shurelds, who called Haller a “pillar of the community”.

“We have the chance to do great things, and I think Alan is the right person to lead us in that direction.”

Former running back Craig Thomas addressed MSU’s board of directors and President Samuel Stanley in his video. He called his former teammate Haller a loyal, dedicated and hardworking leader. And he left the school decision-makers with a question

“Why NOT Alan Haller? Thomas said. “He illustrates what a Spartan is, was and can be.”

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It’s unclear how quickly MSU plans to hire a new sporting director and when Beekman might step down. It’s also not clear whether the school plans to recruit from outside or promote internally, as it has done by appointing Beekman, Hollis and Mason and many of the previous 19 department heads. The most recent ADs unrelated to MSU were Merrily Dean Baker (1992-95) and Merritt Norvell (1995-99).

“Let’s not wait too long,” said former safety Myron Bell, who played with Haller for three years at MSU and alongside him for one season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. “Make sure that this happens.”

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