Michigan State Lawmaker Caught Sending Fake Sex Change Confirmations

A Michigan state lawmaker running for Congress reportedly sent text messages saying, “CONFIRMED, your child’s sex reassignment surgery has been booked.”

“If you have any issues with this operation, please review Biden’s National Transgender Strategy Goals here,” the texts also read, according to a screenshot, with a link to a Republican fundraising site.

The texts are sent by Republican State Senator Tom Barrett, who is also running for the newly drawn 7th congressional district, Michigan Advanced reports, breaking the story.

Barrett’s fundraising page reads, “STOP BIDEN DOING THIS TO OUR CHILDREN!”

“President Biden is forcing 5-year-olds to learn about sex reassignment surgeries, gender identities, and other radical ideas. Every American must step up TODAY and stop this sick, twisted ideology from poisoning our children. If we fail, our children are doomed.”

It is unclear whether they violate any state or federal laws.

Michigan Advance adds that “Barrett’s initial fundraising call came via text and appeared to be an appointment confirmation for ‘your child’ to receive ‘sex reassignment surgery tomorrow at 9 a.m.’.” He then asks, “If you would like to CANCEL this meeting because you do not believe in teaching young children about dangerous transgender ideologies, please sign your name NOW.”

Since late last year, conservatives have increasingly attacked the LGBTQ community, including using false claims that LGBTQ people are “groomers” or “preparers” of children for sex.

Barrett’s fundraising appeal is one of the worst attacks yet on LGBTQ safety and security, but in line with that of fellow Michigan State Senator Lana Theis. attacking Democratic State Senator Mallory McMorrow. Morrow made national headlines with a speech from the Senate floor pushing back against Theis’ baseless claims.