Michigan State Medical Society, Doctors Urge Adults and Children of All Ages to Get Flu Shots, Prevent Flurona, Twindemic

The following is a public statement from Pino Colone, MD, president of the Michigan State Medical Society, in response to the nationwide increase in “flurona” cases and the decrease in flu vaccination rates in Michigan.

“The Michigan State Medical Society and our state’s medical community urge eligible adults and children of all ages to get their flu shot. Current data tells us that flu vaccination rates are significantly lower than in previous years. Last year, seasonal flu was largely mitigated due to increased masking, hand washing and social distancing measures required by COVID-19, but make no mistake: this winter is not the same as last winter.

“With students back in class and the majority of people now in the workplace, flu cases are on the rise. It is even possible to be infected with the flu and COVID simultaneously. “Flurona” is sick with COVID and the flu at the same time, which can severely hamper the immune system response. The flu shot is easy to get and is the best way to protect you and your family from the possibility of becoming seriously ill.

“If there is no increase in flu vaccination rates, we could be heading for a twindemic, which is the absolute worst-case scenario that 2022 could bring. beyond their capacity. Please get your flu shot today and ask your loved ones to do the same.