Michigan State Police amid statewide recruiting effort

Michigan State Police are in the midst of a statewide recruiting effort for more soldiers.

Since the start of 2020, MSP has graduated four soldier recruiting schools with a total of 228 new soldiers.

They recently changed the way they place their new soldiers, allowing them to stay closer to home in hopes of giving potential recruits more opportunities.

“A lot of families want to be involved with MSP now and we don’t want to uproot a guy who has, or a girl, who has a family, a few kids, a home,” Lt. Mark Giannunzio said.

Having them close to home is also an advantage because they already know the community, which goes a long way in maintaining good relationships with the people they serve.

“In those areas they want to stay there and they’ve already built that kind of community relationship, so now we can just bring the soldier part in there and it’s worked really well and it’s a great time to come in.” , said Lt. said Gianunzio.

Police criticism over the past few years hasn’t helped recruiting efforts, but in northern Michigan there’s still a need for more soldiers.

“The U,P is a little different, maybe the north is probably a little different from the big urban areas,” Lt. Giannunzio says. “I really believe that the vast majority of people want us and support us and need us there.”

Those looking to join the Michigan State Police are encouraged to review career options online and apply.