Mid-Michigan Community Family Ministries to Present “30 Days to a Sweeter Marriage”

Mid-Michigan Community Ministries is a local nonprofit organization established in 2015, led by a group of lay leaders in the Midland area, and focused on encouraging, enriching, and empowering marriages and families in the Mid Michigan area. A major activity each year is partnering with more than a dozen Mid-Michigan area churches to sponsor a one-night marriage enrichment event each February.

This year, the ministry is bringing Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn to Midland on Saturday, February 26 to present “30 Days to a Sweeter Marriage.” The open seating event will take place at the Midland Evangelical Free Church from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., with tickets available online at mcfamilyministries.org for $15 per person.

Who couldn’t use more kindness in their life? From social media to impulsive emails, discussions of mask mandates to those about vaccination status, online news to all types of political speech, toughness and judgment seem to be the new norm. Today, more than ever, respect and civility are under siege everywhere we look. But perhaps it has always been true that kindness is the hardest — and most important — part of our closest and most familiar relationships, including our marriages.

With data from their extensive social research, Jeff and Shaunti have crafted an evening of laughter and learning for couples about how to rediscover the lost art of kindness. Some of their research findings reveal that most of us are actually a lot less nice than we think. More importantly, their research revealed three simple steps that, practiced consistently, can transform you and your marriage, whether you need a simple tune-up or a major overhaul. (Take their online quiz at JoinTheKindnessChallenge.com before entering to find out if, when it comes to kindness, you’re a Voldemort or a Mother Teresa, a Jimmy Stewart or a Miss Piggy.)

Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn are best-selling authors, popular speakers and internationally renowned social scientists. Almost 20 Years Ago This Average Couple Stumbled Over Things They Just Didn’t Have get” from each other. Since then, they have been using their analytical knowledge to help other half-confused couples decode each other.

Both Harvard graduates, Shaunti and Jeff have authored and co-authored many groundbreaking books, such as For women only, For men only, The Kindness Challenge and Prosper in love and money. Their eye-opening findings are regularly featured in media ranging from Today’s show and The New York Times at Family life and Focus on the family.

This year can be the year of kindness, starting at home. Surprise your spouse with tickets to this Valentine’s Day event, invite another couple to join you, or provide babysitting for a young couple in need of a night out. For more information about Mid-Michigan Community Family Ministries, visit www.mcfamilyministries.org or Mid-Michigan Community Family Ministries on Facebook. Watch for their annual wedding and family events each February and their wedding cheering posts each week on Facebook.

Pam Koehlinger is a local editor and freelance writer, mother of two and grandmother of three, and member of the Mid-Michigan Community Family Ministries Advisory Committee.