Pence talks job security and Michigan economy one-on-one

(WXYZ) – In a one-on-one with Vice President Mike Pence, 7 Action News reporter Brian Abel speaks about job security for many Americans amid calls for a second plan to stimulus, Michigan economy and President Trumps have alleged comments about military men and women.

Watch the full one-on-one interview above and read the full Q&A transcript below.

On the stimulus:

Abel: Mr. Vice-President, thank you for your time.

Much has changed since we last spoke on your bus at the end of last year, including job security for many Americans, Mr. Vice President.

A second round of stimulus has so far been stuck in Congress, as many Americans are still desperate for help. Can they expect the government to be successful this time around?

Under: Brian it’s amazing to think that at the height of this pandemic we’ve seen 22 million Americans lose their jobs, but thanks to the foundation President Trump has paid out of less taxes, less regulation, more of free and fair trade… In just four short months, we have added 10.6 million jobs to this economy.

But President Trump and I believe we have to keep pushing forward, supporting these policies. Let Americans keep more of what they’ve earned through payroll tax breaks, support unemployed Americans with extra unemployment benefits,

And we will continue to call on Congress to work with us to provide additional relief and direct payments to families and direct support to businesses through programs such as the Paycheck Protection Program.

We are getting there. We are reopening America. We have an American comeback underway, but President Trump and I are absolutely committed to being there for the families and businesses that are recovering from this pandemic and we will work every day to put this coronavirus pandemic in the past. and bring the American back to the end.

On the Atlantic coin:

Abel: Over the weekend, Secretary Wilkie said he would be offended if the president’s comments reported in the Atlantic that he used derogatory terms towards the military were true.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Fox News… They all confirmed key elements of this report.

I know the White House says actions speak more than words, but does what someone says behind closed doors speak to someone’s character?

under : Brian, I spoke to President Trump the day the trip to Belleau Woods in France was canceled.
And despite the claims in this liberal magazine, The Atlantic, everyone has now confirmed, everyone present, that it was like what I heard that day, that it was about a bad weather call.

The president couldn’t get there. Thus, the fundamental assertion of this article was, has been discredited.
Frankly, the suggestion that the President, with whom I have served every day, for the past three and a half years, whom I know, revere the men and women of our armed forces like no other American I have ever met, the very the idea that he would make such statements is absurd at first glance.

The truth is, you are looking at the record of this administration. The biggest increase in our military since the days of Ronald Reagan, reformed the VA, expanded the choice of veterans to all veterans in America. We have ended decades of VA scandal and we are finally giving our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guards the resources and support they need to accomplish their mission.
But beyond that Brian, I can tell you. I walked through Arlington National Cemetery alongside President Trump. I’ve seen him console families at Dover Air Base when our fallen heroes come home. I can tell you this president, our commander in chief respects and loves our armed forces.

On the economy:

Abel: Mr. Vice-President, last question for which we have time, I want to talk about the Michigan economy for a minute because I know that is a key part of this campaign. Ivanka Trump visited GM last week and you point out the success here in Michigan…

I want to hear what you are saying to the auto worker who lost his job before the pandemic because there was a net loss in this industry,
And then also, Michigan being such a battleground, you’ve been here several times, the president will be there Thursday, Joe Biden will be there tomorrow.

I also just want to get your thoughts on the president’s visit and respond to the former vice president’s planned stop.

Under: Well, the people of Michigan voted to put President Trump in the White House in 2016. And I have no doubts that the hard-working Michiganders will vote for four more years for President Donald Trump.
Look, before this coronavirus pandemic hit, this president fought for American jobs and American workers.
We not only cut taxes, rolled back over-regulation from the last administration, but President Trump fought for the kind of trade deals that put American jobs and workers first.
We all know what happened in the years following the enactment of NAFTA. We have literally seen 60,000 American factories shut down as a result of NAFTA.

President Trump has told the people of Michigan that we can do better. We have renegotiated our trade relations with Mexico and Canada. And the USMCA is now the law of the land and it has very specific protections for auto workers and auto jobs in the United States. This is a huge victory for Michigan autoworkers. It was a huge victory for American jobs and farmers.

And it’s truly remarkable to think that after Joe Biden defended NAFTA for all these years, his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, actually voted against the USMCA in the United States Senate.

She was one of only 10 Senate members to oppose the USMCA, even though it was a clear victory for auto and manufacturing workers across Michigan.

So I think you’re looking at the record, you’re looking at a record of job creation in our first three years that saw seven million Americans find work.
You have seen 500,000 manufacturing jobs created. I think the people of Michigan know that to keep this growing economy going, to bring our economy down to zero, we need another four years of President Donald Trump in the White House and I know Michigan is going to vote just for that on November 3. .