Podcast Features Latinx Students and UM Faculty

Latinx @ UMich Podcast Art

Latinos are an important thread in the fabric of the University of Michigan, but often struggle to see themselves represented among faculty and staff. This makes it difficult for undergraduate students to find mentors who could help them find a way to further their education or find a career path.

During Latinx Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), UM student Luisa Sácnchez will share the stories of some of UM’s most fascinating Latino scholars and graduate students. The Wolverines talk about their experiences in academia, how they made their way to their current fields, and how they faced different challenges and opportunities at UM.

Sácnchez, a Latin American studies and political science major, created the podcast to celebrate and inspire the Latino community at UM.

[email protected] kicks off with the following three interviews with:

Guillaume Calvo-Quiros, who tells us about his research on lowriders, jotería, and his upcoming book on saints and monsters. Find out how it all connects to the Latinx experience in the United States

Yeidy Riverowhich discusses how Latino media has evolved since the 1960s and how she turned her love of acting and teaching into a fruitful and successful career.

Marjoris Regus, who recently completed her doctorate at UM and is returning to New Jersey to teach music. She shares her experience as an Afro-Latina, her personal journey defining her identity, and the challenges she faces inside and outside the Latino community.