Quiet Mid-Michigan community worried about thefts

OVID, Mich. (WILX) – Residents of Ovid are concerned about various thefts and attempted break-ins in their small town.

According to Ovid’s Police Chief Al Goodrich, things like car change, a catalytic converter, and a handgun were taken from people’s vehicles.

Although only a few thefts have been reported, many have caught people looking at their car windows. A mother claims her son saw someone try to break into their home early one morning.

“My son got up around 5:45 am to go to the bathroom and he heard something,” said Christie Jones, a resident of Ovid. “He turned on the kitchen light and heard someone shake the window. Then he looked out the window and someone tried to enter.

Incredulous, Jones went to investigate.

“Later that day I saw that part of our window was broken. The frame part. So obviously something was going on.

Jones called the authorities. Unfortunately nothing could be done.

“We called the police and they came to check. There were footprints in our garden, but they don’t know who it was, ”she said.

Chief Goodrich asks community members to lock their doors and bring all valuables inside the house.

“I know it’s a small town. But, unfortunately, there is still more going on, ”said Goodrich.

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