Research how your Michigan community grew (or shrunk) in the 2020 census – news from the pink report

Michigan has grown a little bit over the past 10 years, but maybe your community has changed a lot more.

The state of Michigan has 10,077,331 people in 2020, up just under 2% from the 9,883,640 people who lived in the state a decade earlier. These numbers are critical in determining everything from state representation in Congress (we are losing a seat in the House of Representatives, even with modest growth) to how much money the state receives in federal spending.

Your community probably looks a little different too. Maybe a new business has arrived, or maybe some old friends have moved. You can research how the population of your community has changed over the past decade in the database below.

Having trouble finding your community? Use the search bar to guide you – the name the Census Bureau uses for a location may be slightly different than what you call it. If you see more than one community with the same name, look at the counties to make sure you pick the correct one.

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