Shepherd graduate joins Michigan State Police – The Morning Sun

A new Shepherd State Trooper and another headed to the Mt. Pleasant post are among 50 new recruits graduating Thursday from the 140th Soldier Recruiting School.

Shepherd Johnathan Lynch will be assigned to the Lakeview post.

Privates Lawrence Guzman, from California, and Jacob Jurden, from Stanton, were also recently posted to Lakeview.

Rider Christopher Mizer, of Gainesville, Georgia, will join Mt. Pleasant Post.

During the ceremony in Lansing, in which Governor Gretchen Whitmer was the keynote speaker, Colonel Joe Gasper, Director of the Michigan State Police (MSP), swore in 50 people who begin their assignments to MSP positions across the state. next week.

“I am so proud of the 50 graduates joining the ranks of the Michigan State Police today,” Governor Whitmer said.

Govt. Gretchen Whitmer speaks to 50 new recruits joining the Michigan State Police. (Photos courtesy of the State of Michigan.)

“Public service is a noble calling and a great responsibility. Every family in every community wants peace of mind so they can go to work, drop their kids off at school, and run errands safely. As a former prosecutor, public safety is a central issue for me and I will continue to work with MSP to reduce crime and keep families safe.

The 140th Soldier Recruiting School kicked off Sunday, August 22, 2021, with 74 prospective Soldiers, at MSP Training Academy in Lansing.

Recruits received training in patrol techniques, report writing, ethics, cultural diversity and implicit bias, decision-making, leadership, first aid, criminal law, dealing with crime scenes crime, firearms, water safety, defensive tactics and precision driving.

Trooper Blaine Borman was voted class speaker by his fellow rookies and spoke on behalf of the class at their ceremony. Rider Justin Sawyer, who received the Team Building and Academic Achievement awards, Rider Jacob Jurden, who received the Outstanding Performance Award, and Rider Tanner Nickel, who received the Marksmanship Award, were also honored at the ceremony. .

“Today is an exciting day for the Michigan State Police and our 50 new soldiers,” Gasper said. “We rely on them to continue our tradition of providing the best in public safety and community service. Some days will be difficult, but the work you do will be fulfilling and rewarding.

Including the 50 graduates of the 140th Trooper Recruit School, there are approximately 1,200 troops assigned statewide and a total of 1,900 MSP enlisted members.

The next recruiting school, the 141st Trooper Recruit School, which is the department’s first recruiting school for licensed police officers, is scheduled to begin March 6, 2022 at the MSP Training Academy in Lansing. They are expected to graduate on May 27, 2022.

With hundreds of Soldier vacancies due to continued attrition, MSP is actively recruiting for future Soldier Recruiting Schools, including the upcoming 142nd Soldier Recruiting School.