Some Michigan community colleges are seeing a sharp drop in summer enrollment

Michigan’s Washtenaw Community College and Grand Rapids Community College are experiencing a sharp drop in summer enrollment due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Detroit Free Press reported.

At Washtenaw College, enrollment was down 11% on March 12 for summer school, compared to the same period in 2019. After the school announced it would go online, in response to closures of campuses due to the pandemic, enrollment in summer courses has plummeted. further: 36.%% behind a year earlier at the same time. As of April 15, registrations had increased slightly, but still remained below the previous year’s figures, down 26%.

As of March 12, Washtenaw College had seen an 11% drop in summer school enrollment compared to the same period in 2019. At that time, the college planned to offer face-to-face instruction. On April 3, after the school announced it would be online-only, enrollment was 36.5% lower than the 2019 number. By April 15, this had recovered some, leaving enrollment down 26 %. The percentage lost is reflected in the number of credit hours students plan to take, according to figures shared with the WCC board at a special meeting Friday afternoon.

Grand Rapids Community College is also considering a significant drop for the summer, according to its president, Bill Pink. The school has decided to scrap tuition and is pushing employment-focused classes into its second summer session.

Michigan’s third two-year institution, summer enrollment at Alpena Community College appears to be the same this year as it was a year ago. It is mainly because the students who attend the summer sessions of this community college are the ones who take them home at a lower cost than in their four-year establishments. Still, college president Don MacMaster expressed concern about fall enrollment.