State Removes Township Clerk from Election Next Week | Michigan News

HILLSDALE, Mich. (AP) – State officials have banned a township clerk in southern Michigan from running his community’s local elections next week.

Stephanie Scott, the Adams Township clerk of Hillsdale County, did not take steps to keep the ballot safe, the Michigan Bureau of Elections said.

Rather, the county will oversee the election in the township.

The state said Scott had not authorized a contractor to perform preventive maintenance on voting equipment and had failed to perform accuracy tests, among other issues.

“Your past statements, detailed in previous letters, indicate that you are unwilling to take on your responsibilities as the Registrar, and you have not confirmed that you will complete them in response to recent correspondence,” said the State Electoral Officer Jonathan Brater in a letter Monday. .

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Scott, a Republican, denied being careless but said she had concerns about the equipment. She told the Detroit News that she considered paper ballots and a manual count, but settled for tabulators.

“Frankly, I was coming to a moral dilemma to even run this election,” Scott said.

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