Traverse City adjusts zoning to allow downtown schools | Michigan News

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) – School may be in session in downtown Traverse City.

City commissioners voted 4-3 to make a zoning change that would allow private schools as well as colleges in some downtown areas in the northern Michigan city.

“I am all in favor of bringing more diversity to the downtown area for social, economic and health benefits for our entire community,” said Commissioner Ashlea Walter.

The Children’s House, a Montessori-style school, wants to locate a college in a mostly residential downtown building, Record-Eagle reported.

Some residents of the building wondered if the school children would be suitable.

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Brian McGillivary, who voted no, was concerned about traffic when students are dropped off or picked up, among other issues.

Jean Derenzy of the city’s Downtown Development Authority said the group supports the change as a way to promote the city center as a “healthy and integrated cultural center.”

The city’s zoning rules do not apply to K-12 public schools, the newspaper said.

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