Trump worked to rebuild Michigan’s economy

Our choice Tuesday in the 2020 election is as much about the future of our country as it is about preserving our way of life as residents of Michigan. Over the past 47 months, President Donald Trump has taken action to address Joe Biden’s 47 years of broken promises and appalling decisions that have hurt Michigan’s economy, manufacturing and auto industries, jobs and our security.

We’ve seen left-wing rioters wreak havoc in American communities large and small, with local businesses looted and our national monuments vandalized. Last week in Philadelphia, violent rioters ran over the police police officers and set fire to police vehicles. Biden has consistently downplayed this kind of violence against law enforcement, calling them peaceful protesters,, endangering the safety of our families and communities.

Fortunately, Trump’s swift response to violence will protect our communities from future riots and destruction. His commitment to supporting our law enforcement officers and their families restores law and order and makes our communities safer. Biden’s record on trade deals with foreign countries has also been a disaster for Michigan residents.

Biden’s irresponsible support for China and NAFTA trade deal lost Michigan 160,000 jobs and thousands of factories to close.

There is good news for Michigan residents, as Trump’s economic policies have cleaned up Biden’s mess. Trump renegotiated the obsolete NAFTA with the largest and most balanced trade deal in history – the US-Mexico-Canada deal that protects the US workforce and level the playing field for American automakers and manufacturers.

The great comeback of the United States is underway, as Trump’s pro-growth and workers’ agenda has once again created a thriving American economy. Now, as businesses reopen, consumers are regaining confidence and spending more on goods and services, which is clearly reflected in the GDP growth in the third quarter by 33.1%. Meanwhile, Biden vowed to decimate Michigan’s workforce by move away from fossil fuels, which would destroy as many 516,000 jobs in Michigan, and our large auto industry.

Thanks to the President’s leadership, we have seen the biggest tax reform in a generation, with middle-class families in Michigan receiving on average $ 1,437 tax reduction and Americans across the country are receiving an increase in their disposable income of more than $ 5,000 on medium. Biden swore the “First thing”He would do in office is to repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, raising taxes on hard-working Americans. 4 trillion dollars over the next decade.

When the people of Michigan look back, will our children and grandchildren inherit the same great nation we fondly remember, or will this election prove to be a turning point? The choice of tomorrow could not be more vital to a prosperous and free future for Americans.

With Trump’s proven leadership and his Promises Made, Promises Kept program, the residents of Michigan can rest assured that the best is yet to come for our great nation.

Laura Cox is president of the Michigan Republican Party.