USDA invests $ 17 million to improve rural Michigan community facilities and essential services

WASHINGTON (WLUC) – US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Assistant Under Secretary for Rural Development Justin Maxson announced on Wednesday that USDA is investing $ 185 million to equip, rebuild and modernize essential services in rural areas from 32 states. The investments will benefit 3 million rural residents.

“The Biden-Harris administration has made investing in improving infrastructure a priority,” said Maxson. “These loans and grants will help rural communities invest in vital facilities and services for all communities, such as schools, libraries, hospitals and clinics. They will also help rural communities continue to beat the COVID-19 pandemic as America rebuilds itself better and stronger. “

USDA invests in 16 Michigan projects (with UP locations in bold):

  • the Dickinson County Health System receives a loan of $ 16.9 million to refinance existing debt and purchase additional medical equipment.
  • the Town of Kingsford, in Dickinson County, receives a grant of $ 26,500 to purchase a patrol vehicle. This will replace the current high mileage vehicle that has exceeded its usefulness.
  • the Town of Iron Mountain, in Dickinson County, receives a grant of $ 14,900 to purchase a K-9 vehicle for the police department. The existing K-9 vehicle will be used as a back-up vehicle or used by the code enforcement officer as a regular patrol car.
  • the City in norwayin Dickinson County is receiving a $ 50,000 grant to purchase a backhoe to replace the current one that has passed its useful life. The backhoe will be used to support general operations and the city’s water service.
  • Paradise Township in Grand Traverse County receives a grant of $ 50,000 to purchase an ambulance. Paradise Emergency Services is a full-time service employing six EMT / firefighters with two staff on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new ambulance will replace the existing vehicle which is not mechanically reliable.
  • Billings Township in Gladwin County receives $ 20,500 grant to purchase an emergency rescue truck. The vehicle will be equipped with a fire / medical skid unit as well as a GPS tracking which will allow tracking of the location in its rural area. This vehicle will allow first responders to reach areas beyond the reach of conventional vehicles.
  • The town of Durand in Shiawassee County receives a grant of $ 17,500 to purchase a police vehicle. The vehicle will replace an older fleet vehicle that has high mileage.
  • The Mid-Michigan Community Fire Board in Gratiot County receives a grant of $ 36,500 to purchase response equipment for the fire department. The switch equipment currently in use does not meet NFPA 1851. The purchase includes 20 sets of equipment, firefighting flashlights and particle hoods.
  • The village of Millington, in Tuscola County, receives a grant of $ 15,500 to purchase a police vehicle and associated security equipment. The vehicle will replace an existing vehicle that has high mileage and has reached the end of its useful life.
  • The town of Jonesville, in Hillsdale County, receives a grant of $ 50,000 to purchase a dump truck. The dump truck will replace the current vehicle which has excessive wear and age.
  • The village of Otter Lake in Lapeer County receives a grant of $ 14,400 for the purchase of a public works truck. The vehicle will replace a much older, high mileage truck that has maintenance issues.
  • The village of Kingston, in Tuscola County, receives a grant of $ 40,900 to purchase a patrol vehicle. The vehicle will replace an older, unreliable high mileage fleet vehicle.
  • The Harbor Beach Area Fire Department in Huron County is receiving a grant of $ 47,800 to purchase Jaws of Life rescue equipment. The equipment will be battery operated, which will be more usable and versatile for various types of life-threatening extrication. The equipment will also be able to lift objects from trapped persons.
  • The village of Pigeon, in Huron County, receives a grant of $ 37,500 for the purchase of a patrol vehicle. The vehicle will replace an older fleet vehicle that has started to deteriorate with increasing maintenance costs. The vehicle will primarily be used as a first responder unit to medical calls.
  • Sanilac County receives two grants. A grant of $ 34,900 will be used to purchase a patrol vehicle. The vehicle will replace the previous fleet vehicle which has high mileage.
  • Sanilac County will also receive a grant of $ 33,400 to purchase a K9 patrol vehicle. The vehicle would transport the K9 dog to jail calls, training and emergencies for follow-up. The K9 unit will be available to neighboring police services to assist them in locating missing persons.

Over 100 types of projects are eligible for community facility funding.

Eligible applicants include federally recognized municipalities, public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and Native American tribes. Projects must be located in rural areas of 20,000 inhabitants or less.

To learn more about funding opportunities for the community facilities program, contact a USDA state rural development office. Also see the Community Facilities Direct Loan Program Guide for Applicants (PDF) for a detailed overview of the application process.

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