Whitmer Counts the Cost of the Ambassador Bridge Closure to Michigan’s Economy | State

DETROIT, Mich. (WJRT) – The economic costs of the Ambassador Bridge’s five-day closure are mounting rapidly, according to Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The Anderson Economic Group says workers and businesses have lost an estimated $51 million this week due to the blockade that has prevented US traffic from entering Canada.

Michigan workers could lose up to $51 million in wages this week due to truckers’ protest, group estimates

The Ambassador Bridge carries about 10,000 commercial vehicles daily between the two countries, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation. These trucks transport $325 million worth of goods a day.

Of that total, $50 million includes auto parts for factories in both countries.

The bridge accounts for 30% of annual trade between the United States and Canada.

Much of the traffic leaving the United States was blocked from crossing into Canada during a blockade as part of the Freedom Convoy protests. Truckers protest Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates by stopping the flow of traffic on the Windsor, Ont. side of the Ambassador Bridge.

Canadian residents have joined truckers in protesting further COVID-19 measures imposed there.

Canadian mayor to seek court order to act against truckers protesting critical bridge to US

Whitmer said she was working with the White House and other officials on both sides of the border to lift the blockade. She called on the Canadian government to clear the roads of protesters and fully reopen the bridge.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars a day are being lost, or hard-working people in Michigan just want to show up for work and they’re unemployed right now,” Whitmer said. “This is having a huge impact. And we urge the Canadian government to resolve this quickly and safely, because every minute this happens is incredibly damaging to our economy and our people.”

The mayor of Windsor plans to seek a court order on Friday afternoon authorizing his administration to forcibly lift the blockade and clear the roads around the Ambassador Bridge.

The Associated Press reports that the premier of Ontario declared a state of emergency on Friday. He plans to seek legislation that would crack down on people who interfere with the flow of goods and services.