Whitmer plans to shut down Michigan economy again

The number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 has dropped significantly, even with a slight increase in the number of positive cases. With that in mind for some reason, Governor Whitmer told CNN yesterday that she plans to shut down Michigan’s economy in part or in whole again.

Whitmer told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota;

I have to tell you, I want to re-engage this economy more than anyone, but I won’t if it’s too risky to do so, and that’s why we stay focused on epidemiology. I’m not going to be intimidated into moving out until it’s safe, and if we need to back down we’ll

Former Head of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center and current Principal Investigator at Hoover Institution in Stanford, Dr Scott Atlas has been interviewed on Fox News and said there had been a strong focus on a slight increase in cases, especially in places where governors have either reinstated or tightened restrictions:

When we see this focus on more cases, the number of cases doesn’t really matter – it only matters who gets the cases. We know that the death rate from infection for people under the age of 70 is 0.04%, which is less than or equal to that of seasonal flu.

The cases themselves should not and never have been the center of attention. These are just the tragic consequences of the cases. When we look at the cases in each state, the overwhelming majority are younger and healthier people.

The good news is that despite the increase in COVID-19 infections in a number of states, the death rate from COVID-19 is actually dropping dramatically:

I realize we have to wait to see the story unfold here, but right now the cases are increasing for three weeks and we are not having an increase, in fact, we have a decrease in death rates. It doesn’t matter if you get the disease, if you’re going to make a full recovery and get out of it, that’s what people need to understand. For younger and healthier people, there is no high risk of this disease at all.

I recommend you listen to Dr Scott Atlas full interview it only lasts 5 minutes but is very informative and thought provoking. Why is Whitmer only looking at the number of positive cases her administration reports as positive and not the dramatic reduction in deaths and the death rate from the virus which is now comparable to the common flu? Don’t forget Dr Birx either said she believed the state governor, the CDC therefore inflated the number of deaths by at least 25%:

The Post reported that Birx and others were concerned that CDC statistics on the death rate and number of cases were inflated by up to 25%.

That being said, we really have to ask ourselves why Whitmer would have made these comments on CNN yesterday.

Would there be an ulterior motive?

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