Will Michigan State Football Overthrow Hoosier Daddy?

MSU is on the road again before their goodbye next weekend. This MSU football team is really forming a strong, cohesive squad that can score points.

Of course, they’re led by running back Kenneth Walker III. It is a classic example of a rough diamond transfer portal. Walker as we speak is the main field winner in all of college football.

MSU has exceptional offensive players. Jayden Reed is also in the mix for their success. Again, a transfer from West Michigan who is a burner and could be the best special teams returning guy in all of college football. Walker and Reed could both be in the conversation for Heisman considerations.

Thus, MSU is ranked 10e in the college football rankings. But it’s game by game, and we’ll have to see where they stand in December.

MSU has been somewhat of a stunner in all of college football. I really believe this team is special, but they will have growing pains before the end of the season. MSU’s quarterback is also improving with every game.

MSU will face a decent team from Indiana tomorrow in Bloomington. I like MSU in a close game but with another win. Can MSU make it to Lucas Oil Stadium? This is my question.

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